I'm Amy, welcome to Pinkle my little oasis of pinkness in an otherwise dull world.

Why Pinkle?

I love pink. I have pink shoes, pink clothes and pink wallpaper but Google was still boring white. So I created Pinkle, same great Google search results but more cute pink!

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Help me make the world more pink by bookmarking Pinkle or making it your Homepage. You can also tell a friend about Pinkle and really start painting the Net pink.


My little brother doesn't like Pink so I made him The Blue Search Engine. It's a less pretty Pinkle or a more blue google. Your brother might like it too :)

I found a really funny search engine where your searches results come with a Redneck Joke. Give the Redneck Search Engine a try but make sure you come back to me :)

Privacy Policy

Google really wants me to have a privacy policy if I'm going to keep using their search results. View it here

Thank You

The great Book and Price tag icons are from FamFamFam.

Love Amy
Always Pretty in Pink.

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